The Lifespring Foundation (Africa)

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Community Outreach

One of the key aims of The Lifespring Foundation Africa is to enable communities to develop ways by which they can participate & co-operate in the process of sustainability & social development. Lifespring works to cut through a culture of dependency, motivating people groups to feel empowered to rise out of the challenges they face so that they can together shape their future rather than continuing to feel trapped in their circumstances. For this reason LSFA have undertaken to engage in regular consultation with local individuals & community groups offering drop-in one to one discussions, open forums, questionnaires & home visits. Nothing is assumed. Solutions are only offered after extensive research to understand how this will impact the community, the culture & the environment. Good ideas, however well meaning, have to be owned by the people who are to be supported. This is the message that underpins our Community Outreach.


The Lifespring Foundation (Africa)

UK Registered Charity 1112363

UK Base: The Old Rectory, Singleton,

West Sussex PO18 0HF