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Genesis Programme

From Death to Life

Life to Hope

Hope to Realisation

A new initiative started in March 2011 the Genesis Programme, inspired by principles from the first book of the bible, has focused limited resources to address a number of needs related to the direct  & indirect impact of HIV/AIDS on the local community of Kaloko, Zambia. The Genesis Programme has been designed to improve the quality of life for critically /chronically ill people who live in difficult circumstances in order to give them hope for their future.


Initially we chose 20 local volunteers that we had worked with in the past, many of whom are HIV positive and who understand, only too well, the challenges of "living positively".


Before the instigation of the programme we ran a training course for the volunteers in Home Based Care which included:-

• First Aid

• Hygiene

• Care of the sick

• Care of the dying

• Bereavement counselling

• Family support

• Adherence

• TB & HIV collaboration

• Treatment of opportunistic infections

• Counselling and testing of the clients

• Male circumcision awareness

• Writing a will

 With continuing further education throughout the first programme to enable them to deliver a holistic approach to client care.


The clients were chosen by referral from the local clinics & churches from those who were infected by HIV/ AIDS, whose CD4 count was low & that were in need of support due to little family support. After thorough interviews & screening we chose the 20 clients who we felt would benefit most from this exciting new Genesis Programme. The target group came from a shanty compound in Ndola living mainly in rented, poor, low quality housing. Their medical status was very poor, many being bedridden, only a few were being given medication. They had little or no practical skills or working tools & little hope for their future.


The first 3 months focused on strengthening the client’s health status through nursing care, close liaison with the clinic, family support, education and counselling. The clients met at Lifespring HBC Centre twice a week if they were physically able where they found acceptance and loving support. The clinic continued to measure the clients CD4 counts during this time and any increase in clients count was noted.


For those unable to attend the volunteers cared and helped them within their own homes. Part of the volunteer’s duties is to encourage the interaction of the families involved and help the clients and families to a point of understanding and acceptance, bringing our clients back into family life and health.


The second 3 months was aimed at helping to bring them to independence through counselling, prayer and psychological support, to a place where they were able to consider empowerment. The aim being to bring hope to the client & family thereby improving their income base and give them a more secure life for their future.  Through practical and financial skills training & the availability of start-up capital (micro-loans) for individuals it was hoped that they would be able to set up small businesses in their community.


Within the empowerment section of the programme the clients were taught skills leading to the facilitation of business and financial management. This whole process has been with a view to enabling  individual clients to increase their income base & food security through the enhancement of their practical skills.


Topics covered for the training of clients include:

• Health Care

• Family involvement

• Medication and adherence

• Skills assessment.

• Building a platform for self help

• Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

• Entrepreneur Competencies

• Marketing

• Advertisement

• Record Keeping /Financial Management /Stock Control

• Costing

• Basic Business Cycle

• Business Plan



Programme Outcomes 


Following the first roll out of the Genesis Programme 15 of the clients are now able to look to the future with hope &  are self reliant. They are now able to carry out daily activities such as cooking, washing, gardening, undertaking empowerment sales activities & actively caring for their families.


One client remains in poor health and is being supported by the volunteers. Winnie is 27 years old she has 2 children and was abandoned by her husband when she was diagnosed HIV+, she has now requested to go into the second roll out of the programme.


All clients continue to take ARVs and are given medical support by the local clinic and hospital. Regular adherence clinics will continue to be held at the centre to ensure continued health.


10 Children from the HBC client base have been taken into Westbourne School to help with their education.


15 Children are planned to go in January 2012 finances allowing.

General health status of clients has improved & there is withspread acceptance within the families of the client group


15 households received start-up support for small business in the community and are being monitored.


More members of the community are now able to "live positively".


Sadly 4 clients died during the programme however the volunteers visited the families to give them spiritual and emotional support. Lifespring assisted with the funeral expenses & the children were taken to extended family homes so we have had no further contact with them to date.


One client was taken from the area by their extended family, they felt they could assist the person if they were staying together, as they lived a long distance apart.


Number of clients who received health care support 20

Number of  clients trained 15

Number of clients supported with start up capital 15

Number of   direct / indirect beneficiaries  from this HBC program 105

Number of Volunteers trained and supported 20 with indirect family support of a further 112 people

indirect family support of a further 21 people


Total number of people impacted by this programme in 2011 = 278


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