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Our child sponsorship programme is a new initiative for LSFA. We are keen to enable donors to support an individual child through their education, to receive regular updates & to share in their journey through childhood. It is our aim to ensure that all the children sponsored through this scheme will be able to develop skills that will one day enable them to be self-supporting.


For a child that has been orphaned as a result of extreme poverty & HIV/Aids having the chance of a rounded education within a loving, pastoral, supportive community, good food, access to clean water, health care, clothing & other essential resources, is the best possible start on the road to one day becoming self-supporting.


In 2006 we opened our school for orphans in Kaloko, Zambia offering education to 40 children. In 2010 opened a larger school now in 2012 we offer places to many more orphaned children. But we could do so much more if we can find Child Sponsors.


Could you be one of those sponsors?


Sponsor a child for just £1 per day & give them the opportunity of a better future.




The Lifespring Foundation (Africa)

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Click to sponsor a child now or donate through our  online Donate Now button that links to our JustGiving page or contact us for more information.


We now partner with WIPHAN to arrange all our child sponsorship programmes

Opportunity Education Empowerment & Hope

We urgently need sponsors for the orphaned & vulnerable children in our support groups in Zambia

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