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You supply

  •  Yourself
  •  Your skills as a

    •   trained teacher
      •  Your fares

        • We supply
          • Your accommodation to European standard
          • Your food
          • A wonderful climate
          • A chance to make a real difference
          • A place to challenge mindsets
            • Are you looking for something different?

              An entry on your C.V. to stand out from the crowd?

              Considering a foreign placement?

              Have a year or so to spend?

              We are looking for a volunteer who is a trained teacher, experienced, & able to develop our new school and adult literacy alongside our local teachers in Kaloko, Ndola, Zambia.

              We are a Christian charity whose aim is to enable underprivileged children
              5-13 years to receive a rounded education, and to broaden and enhance the common Zambian style of teaching by rote.

              For application forms, further information, all queries, please apply to:-

              Andrea Clarke
              Chair of Trustees
              The Old Rectory, Singleton
              West Sussex PO18 0HF

              Or click to apply online now

"I've always longed to travel but I kept putting it off. Life and work kept crowding in but when I found out that I could be a volunteer in Zambia for The Lifespring Foundation I jumped at the chance. I am so pleased I did. It has been a life changing experience.
 Something I will never forget".
  MF 2008

"Thank you for everything, from the warm welcome to the delicious food! I've had an incredible time over the past 10 weeks, learning so much more than I expected. The experience has helped me to 'look outside the box', seeing things in a different perspective". TH.2009

"The things that I have seen & learnt here will saty with me for a very long time. It's been an amazing experience". BD 2009

"Thank you so much for an amazing 3 weeks I am only sorry it could not be longer. I've learnt so much & definately benefited more that I've contributed! I'll remember this experience for many years". RT 2009

"Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome here in Zambia over the past 3 weeks. I have had an amazing time & really loved spending time at the school & with the HBC kids. I have so many great memories!" LC 2009

"I really don't want to go home. The memories that will stick with me are - the African stars & seeing the Milky Way, the HBC kids getting their new clothes & being so excited.The dog eating a still moving gecko, playing bananas, Tony's bad jokes & all the singing." FS 2009

"Thank yoou for making me feel so welcome & at home here. I've really enjoyed spending time in Kaloko - particularly the school & with the HBC children. You have looked after us so well & will take home many fond memories'. SS 2009

"This experience has changed my outlook & attitude towards life so much & you have all contributed towards this for which I am so grateful. i hope to be back soon" SJ 2009

"Well Africa has exceeded my expectations! I've learnt a lot about myself & others, as well as the Zambian culture. I really hope I can take lots away fromthis experience & hopefully influence a few lives back home". EW 2009

"You have made all my experience a life changing one, filled with amazing memories, so thank you. It is great to see what a difference you have made to the community". AK 2009

Taking a 'gap year' before or after Uni or having 'time out' from a busy career is fast becoming a popular option for many people. For some an unexpected life changing event means that they want to spend time travelling the world & experiencing new things. Lifespring have hosted volunteers from all around the world who have discovered the life changing benefits of volunteering in Zambia.

The skills and unique qualities these volunteers bring has helped to shape our projects & has made a real difference in the lives of widows, orphans & vulnerable families. But skills are not as important as just being willing to get involved, getting alongside real people & showing that you care.

We welcome volunteers of all faiths & none however since Zambia is a country Christian by constitution it is important that volunteers understand that we ask that they be sensitive to this in their words & deeds.

Volunteers really do make a difference and have fun at the same time. So whatever your age or life experience if you are thinking about taking time out why not join us in Zambia.

How does it work?

You organise & pay for your flight, travel & insurance

We provide safe, comfortable self-catering accommodation at Lifespring Farm, Ndola with discounted rates for volunteers

Volunteer Discounts

2013 offer

£15 per night self catering accommodation
£2 per night discount for every night after 28 booked